What Are Your Real Estate Expectations?

How many Realtors® have you worked with in your lifetime? Maybe 1 or 5 or None?  Regardless of your answer could we agree that you want to work with someone who understands what you want out of your real estate experience?

You want someone who takes time to find out what your real estate goals are and how you want to achieve them. Seller, First time buyer or 20th time buyer it still deserves the same measure of personalized service.

What did you like from your last sale or purchase experience, if anything? Would you feel happier working with me if I understood what you expected?

Now think of all the things that would drive you nuts when working with a realtor®. Believe me I know, I work with them every day. I’m not fond of Realtors® either. This is why all the questions.

I strive to be different. I MUST be different.

Maybe you are already familiar with some of these pain points with Realtors®:

  • always late
  • never returns calls/emails for days if at all (the average response time for other Realtors® is 17 HOURS, WTH!!)
  • shows properties that don’t match your criteria (a tour guide from Disney)
  • pushes for a sale on the first home
  • got that “knows everything” attitude cuz they’ve been in Real Estate since T-Rex roamed
  • putting their commission before your needs as a family
  • overpricing just to land the listing (we call this buying a listing)
  • thinks that a sign in your lawn and an MLS listing is effective marketing for your home
  • open houses are a waste of time (maybe a waste of their time because they aren’t very good at it)
  • drop your price cuz they said so (just plain lazy and has no other excuse for their poor performance)
  • uses cell phone pics for your listing (OMG this actually happens, let’s take a selfie with your house)
  • social media is hard so they don’t use it (missing like 90% of buyers, it’s 2020 NOT 1984)
  • feel free to add more here…………………..

Now imagine all of these concerns just vanish. Poof with sparkles. How do you feel now?

That is what I do. Make all your frustrations and stress go away. I’m methodical, professional in every way, an expert listing marketer on social media, a bloodhound when finding you a home, and above all that, I call you back! Astonishing I know. When everyone’s phone is 3 feet away it really seems idiotic that you can’t reach them on it.

If we decide to work together, and yes WE decide not just you or me, and your goals do not match my capabilities or business method then you might need a different professional. No shame here. Perhaps our personalities don’t jive. There are over 5000 Realtors® in Halton/Hamilton so you might as well pick one you actually like. Working together means a mutual respect for each others time, and expectations.

From my end you can expect the following and feel free to add more if you have additional expectations:

  • Trust | I will tell you what you need to hear not just what you want to hear. No sugar coating.

  • Loyalty | Dedicated to your goals no matter how fast or slow you wish to move. You will hear from me every time you contact me. Call/email/text/messenger/social media. From 9am-9pm every day; you will reach me instantly or within 20 minutes if I’m indisposed.

  • Integrity | Professional to the end. Your goals are all that matter to me. My success is only humbled by the success of my clients.

Let’s have a coffee and see if we are a good fit. You have nothing to lose.
Stop being sold by someone and start shopping with a friend.

Try me:

Sean Hartley 289-237-7101 or seanhartley.realtor@gmail.com  (9am-9pm for immediate results)